is a gathering place for all
who are interested in nonfiction book writing

coffee-house-tableMany of us affiliated with are writers, editors, writing coaches, designers, marketers, and publishers. Some of us have made a career out of providing assistance to people who want to write books—principally nonfiction—of their own.

Drawing on our expertise and experience and recognizing the increasing demand for the services we individually provide, we envisioned as performing two main services:

  • Sharing what we have learned from decades of successful book writing and publishing with people wanting to write their own books.
  • Bringing people looking for book writing and publishing assistance together with professionals experienced in every step of the process.

If you want to write a nonfiction book, we hope you'll join the community. It contains a growing library of articles and advice on writing and publishing a book and offers the opportunity for you to share ideas and explore opportunities.

If you are a pro in the field of writing and publishing nonfiction books, we hope you'll join the community and share your knowledge and expertise with others. If you're looking for professional assistance in writing and publishing your book, may be able to put you together with editors, copy editors, ghostwriters, designers, and publishing professionals. As the community grows, our experts will be able to:

  • Evaluate your needs.
  • Find the right pros to help you.
  • And manage the process of taking your book from idea to bookstore.

Whether you're an old pro or an aspiring author, we invite you to join the community. It's a free, participatory place to share, learn, grow, and maybe even succeed in writing that book you have inside you.