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How to cure writer's block

There's a surefire way to cure what people call writer's block. I've used it throughout a long writing career, and it's worked every time. Simple, straight forward, and easy. Try it you'll like it. Read more...

Which way to publish
will work best for you

It used to be that after writing books you had only two ways to get them published. Find a publishing house willing to risk the investment, or pay to have hundreds of copies printed. Neither alternative is likely to be right for today's first-time author.  How to publish your book.

Why write a book

Writing books can be done for any reason you want, as long as it's your reason. Go into the process with a clear understanding of what you expect to get in return for the effort. Ask yourself, "What's the payoff, and what's the currency in which I expect to receive it?" Learn more about the reasons for writing books.


Bridging the chasm between idea and book

We're a community of pros and aspiring authors joined in support of nonfiction book writing. If you have an interest in nonfiction you're invited to join and participate. Here you'll find:

  • Articles exploring the craft and business of book writing
  • A blog with news and thoughts about nonfiction writing
  • A forum for the discussion of ideas and experiences
  • Writers, editors, writing coaches, and publishing pros capable of helping

Share your ideas and gain perspective

Share your book idea or read and comment on other peoples' ideas. Your and their ideas are strengthened by talking about them. Others bring perspective you don't have. And don't worry about someone stealing your idea. Chances are others have already thought about it. Ideas are a dime a dozen. It's getting off your duff and doing something about them that makes the difference.