Defining a book today

booksHow we define a book has and is changing. We have the good old print-on-paper version, but new forms of digitally published books have emerged. Collectively we refer to them as ebooks. They are capable of holding the same content as their print-on-paper cousins, and much more. Ebooks can be interactive. Along with text, pictures, graphs, photographs, etc. they can contain:

  • Slide presentations

  • Videos

  • Audios

  • Live links to websites

And that's just a start. By the time you read this, who knows what other digital media will be able to be embedded in an ebook.

But the basic premise of a book remains the same no matter what the media. Even in today's changing world,

it continues to be a collection of information that is generally longer rather than shorter in length and is put together by one or more persons who are credited as either authors or editors.

Generally books are broken into two categories--fiction and nonfiction. This site concentrates on nonfiction books. If you write or want to write fiction there are many websites that can help you. You are welcome here, but as you join in the discussion, please remember we are principally a community of those interested in writing nonfiction books.