Writing your book is where rubbertyping-hands meets road

Creating a book is a multifaceted process. It begins with exploring ideas and organizing their presentation. But even after you've done that, you've only begun the process. If you like writing, what comes next is the really fun part. It also can be the scary part.

For some, the writing is where they get to play. For others it is where hard work meets frustration. Just how arduous the writing of your book will be depends in large part on your interest in and skill with words and storytelling. But even if you haven't spent years perfecting the writing craft, it's possible to produce a well written book. It just may take longer, and you may need more editing help.

The key to writing like so much in life is to approach it with a mix of confidence and humility. Strike the right balance between the two and while your words may not sing like a well rehearsed choir, they will carry recognizable melody and lyric.

This section of BooksCreated.com is where we will address, explore, and discuss the issues involved in the process of placing your hands on a keyboard and moving your fingers to create words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and ultimately a book.